New Year wishes and all that jazz


monochrome photo of person holding sparkler

Photo by Sumit Rai


Welcome to 2019!

I read on my Facebook this morning, a beautiful post by one of my friends– it started with:

“Hey folks. Something that doesn’t get said very often – I hope you get through this year”.


He goes on to say:

“I’m not going to wish you all the happiness you desire in 2019 because shit is going to go wrong, and that’s ok”


He says something that I think we really need to hear at new years’.

While everyone is floating around wishing happiness and lovely perfect moments, as if it is possible for us to wash away all the sadness or crap things that happened in 2018 by a clink of champagne glasses and splattering of confetti, he highlights a simple truth…


It’s okay to realize that SHIT happens.

“Eternal happiness is not a realistic goal. You might change jobs, or lose a job. Someone close to you might pass away this year, an artist or public figure, or inspiration to you might not make it. You might get sick, or just sore. One or more of your friendships or relationships might end this year. You might break a limb. You will probably start something new this year, a hobby or a goal, and that goal will get derailed somehow. Your favourite possession might get scratched, or dented, or stolen, or broken.

“Some days you might feel depressed as all shit. Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. But sometimes it can be a rainbow here, and a unicorn there. And that’s ok”.


As many of you know: mental health can drag you down and life can create moments that makes “happy” seem impossible.  If you’re depressed, a “HAPPY new year” is unpleasant and can feel alienating.

Yes, though 2019 is indeed a new year, it does not immediately assume that it will be this amazing something. A day passing does not magically change a lifelong depression.  I know, it can seem pessimistic to note these things, but I think it’s actually realistic.  Of course we all want to be happy, to feel beauty always… but it’s not always possible.  There will always be things that happen which we cannot control, and things that may upset us or hurt us, leading us to overreact or just feel pain.

Plus, we’re human, and that means suffering and pain. This is part of being alive. Let’s try to ride out 2019 in the best ways we can: in kindness, with self-love (if we can muster it), and with an open heart… to try to cope and thrive as best we can.

I think it’s realistic and beautiful to read such honesty in the new year.


My friend wrote a great deal in his post, and I am not sharing it all here… but I liked that he closes his message by saying this:

“Life is ups and downs. Sometimes you just can’t avoid the bad shit. There will be plenty of downs this year. I hope you find your way through them in your own way, on your own or with support when you need it, so that you can enjoy the ups when they happen.

Ask for help, and help others when you can. We’re all in this together. 



So, on that note,

I wish you a very authentic “do it your own way” new year with helping hands available if you need them, and kindness always.