DD – Moving house and cat stress

close up photography of cat

Photo by Amir Ghoorchiani on Pexels.com

Dear Diary,

More house stresses as it seems we’re due to move house AGAIN. Well, in a month or so. I have my eye on some lovely properties out bush, but I feel all out of sorts at the moment, doomsdaying, imagining the worst: what if the place has no internet! no flyscreens! what if I find big spiders in the bedroom! what if we lose the cat in the undergrowth! I know- probably silly things. Last night I was kept awake 6 hours worrying about bills (which I can actually pay), but bills, nonetheless. Then there’s the plants, and moving them… and moving our furniture… again. Ugh. I’ve moved so much over my life (military family), but wow, moving does not get any easier. It still sucks.

Cat has settled in here and has a new favourite spot: the most leafiest, dustiest, crunchiest place under the most polleny tree in the garden.  She likes to go out there on a regular basis, especially after we’ve hoovered, or brushed her… and then she proudly shimmies back into the house and rubs her leafy gloriousness on everything. Last night there were seed pods INSIDE the bed spread – inside! I don’t know how she does it. Talent, me thinks. Talent.

Ohh and moving makes me sad too. I mean, I’m almost 40… and I want a nice home that is mine. I want a beautiful home that I can aim to raise kids in, have dinner parties in, build something…. but alas I am of the generation  X, with our baby boomer parents buying everything up, and our whims of wanting to “be free” and unshackled from the corporate world… yeh, it has left us all with no chance at ever owning a home; forever doomed to rent. My legacy will be a rented property and a memory of a parent with too many degrees. I dunno.  I hate the idea of working full-time, and I dread the concept of a corporate suit (still to this day), but I wish I somehow was able to buy my own home, to be able to gift my (future) kids something special. Hmmm.

Well, coffee awaits. Better go.