DD – Asthma yuckies

dandelion nature sunlight

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com

Dear Diary,

Had to spell check that I was writing to you, and not your cousin, Dairy.  Anywho. I’ve not been online much lately as Z. and I have been moving house…. and then add into the mix dust! pollen! dirt! fluff! something-in-the air, and yes, I had an severe asthma attack last night so today was hard. I think asthma is truly one of the most scary experiences I’ve ever had– not being able to breathe is frightening. I slept badly, mostly in fear of choking mid-sleep (something which can happen – eek), and then today, more moving of dusty things and now I’m on the couch feeling tight in the chest and throat, and oh yeh, I got bitten by mozzies; a good 6 bites and being the lucky me that I am, I swell up like a balloon and then feel paralysis for 5-6 hours after.  I have taken anti-histamines but I’m positively feeling UGH. Looking forward to sleeping, hoping it’s sleeping, not deathing. *sigh*  Lotsa work to be done. I love the job I have now, but it’s still bisy work as we push to complete a chapter. Okay, another sip of tea and I’m heading bedward. Sleepy time calls.