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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


LivingAutism is privately owned, and is maintained and written by one person -me. This website receives no sponsorship or support, and I am not into advertising (but I think WordPress may shove ads on here – I’ll endeavour to remove those!). There are no commercial, government, or non-profit affiliations.

Perspectives on here about are about managing life as an autistic person, and I am aware that some things I write about may challenge mainstream ideas of what being autistic is all about. I guess that my thoughts are different because there’s a HUGE difference between observing, analyzing and writing about autistic people you have studied and the lived-experience point of view.

I’ve added some “Dear Diary” posts and written on of the struggles I’ve experienced in my past/ daily life that I think most academics (especially those following a medical model approach) might overlook, but are nonetheless important for autistic well-being.

While I have qualifications as a psychotherapist, I am largely non-practicing and anyway, I am NOT your medical professional. I can’t “fix” you, and I don’t really ascribe to that notion anyway. My advice is simply my own; not prescriptive or as a replacement to your doctor or psych.

I hope the information I’ve provided here might help you in coping with day to day issues and maybe even when you deal with therapists, friends, bosses, etc.

I actually started this page because I realized I had several mixed-up blogs all over the web, and needed a set place to focus on autistic living.  I do have several amazing autistic friends who also run their own blogs, and I highly recommend if you’ve been trawling the web for info, you don’t just stop here. Links to my friend’s blogs are added in the Resources section (to the right).

I love writing; to be a writer is my dream.  I maintain this website because it gives me a chance to air my thoughts, and possibly help others in some way, by sharing my stories.