DD – The World is F*CKED

I’ve had just about enough of it — PCism.


Political correctness has gone too far.


I love all the good that it has brought — yes, I am happy that we have more interest and follow-through with minority groups now.


But when did CRITICAL THINKING  get squashed?


I am so frustrated and so sad and so hurt and so angry that I am no longer allowed to have an opinion if it seems to in any way challenge the PC-view.


*Cannot I not be allowed to feel frustrated that we have lost Christmas from schools, because it’s apparently not inclusive to non-white kids?

*What if I am upset that we now have to hire equally in the genders, because hate to say it, but sorry– women are better in this role I’m seeking employees for?

*And if I happen to side with the new (2019) publication from academics who say Asperger wasn’t a Nazi; that the 2018 article was untrue?

*If I worry that maybe Greta Thunberg has become a puppet for adult ends and is losing her precious childhood, will I be strung up?

*Should I feel annoyed that our local schools have removed school bells because it’s “more inclusive”, am I allowed that thought?

*What if I am upset that there are people in the community who are pretending to have mental health issues to get sympathy, am I able to express annoyance over that?



Imagine that I wished I could question something that is happening to our world and not be attacked or trolled or put down or vilified, or hurt, or defamed, or named, or ridiculed or harassed, or unfriended, or told that I “don’t understand” or made to feel less than, or rejected, or discarded?!

Is it not PC’ism that said we should be free to express ourselves?


How did it suddenly turn into:

You are free to express yourselves so long as the status quo is not hurt, and if that happens, you will be denied.


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